Lamar and Ronnie Tyler – old


In December 2007, after becoming disappointed with statistics in low marriage rates and high divorce incidences in the Black community, Lamar and Ronnie, a regular middle-class couple, decided to combat the findings. Having a keen and in-depth understanding of the rising impact of social media, they developed a website called, The website’s primary focus was to show that positive images of marriage and parenting in the Black community do exist. They did this by displaying healthy relationship content, and by posting photos of healthy married couples and families. “We started slow, doing one post per day written by either one of us,” says Ronnie.

As their website grew, Lamar and Ronnie took on another project. Through their company, Tyler New Media, they directed and produced two documentaries, You Saved Me and Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage, both exploring the trials and triumphs of married couples. With promotion through their website and word-of-mouth, the documentaries became immediate hits, becoming’s best-sellers.


In 2010, Lamar and Ronnie embarked on a national screening tour of You Saved Me. With many sold out venues, equally proportioned with men and women, they decided to take the screenings a step further. While they had a captive audience, Lamar and Ronnie hosted panel discussions between professional marriage specialists and their audiences. This proved such a success that it garnered a relationship with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy Marriage Initiative. As a result, Lamar and Ronnie were given the honor to present special screenings of You Saved Me for marriage professionals at the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative’s Research to Practice Conference and Smart Marriages Conference, one of the nation’s largest professional events.

Today, Lamar and Ronnie’s mission is moving at a rapid pace. Their website, has maintained its primary focus earning several awards and accolades, including being named one of 2010’s Must Read Blogs by Parenting Magazine.  The website runs several articles a day and has a staff of 10 contributing writers, and a managing editor. In addition to their website, Lamar and Ronnie are regular contributors for—providing content about married life and relationships.

Lamar and Ronnie are currently touring the country—screening their documentaries, as well as speaking at various events on topics surrounding marriage and relationships, empowerment and purpose, and social media. They have appeared on both local and national syndicated radio, television, and print media including, but not limited to, Essence Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Sirius/XM, TV One, NPR and the Washington Post.

Lamar and Ronnie are the proud parents of four children and currently call Atlanta home.